Watson Motorsport - Bob Watson is a rip off!

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I purchased a 2005 GMC Yukon from Bob Watson motorsport 8/2/08. As I was driving off the parking lot, my boyfriend who was following me, noticed that the break lights were not working. We immediately pulled back in and spoke with the sales guy who said he would take care of it. He drove the car into the service station where they fixed all the lights EXCEPT the one up top.

We have spoken to the general manager, Dante', as well as the salesperson, Nahs. After we arrived at the gas station (the truck was on EMPTY and the company only put $4 in the tank, with gas costing $4.05 p/gal), we noticed one of the fog lights is broken out, the radio/CD player does not work, and the rear view mirror is cracked. We immedately reported all of this to both Dante' and Nahs. To date, nothing has been done to accommodate us.

I will NEVER buy anything from them again and if you are wise YOU WON'T EITHER!

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These companies are designed to do one thing and that is to put you into a bad loan or situation most of the staff has no knowledge of the autos they sale and the managers are quite ignorant.I must admit they did sale me a car and I cant blame my salesperson he was pretty nice and knew his stuff but when i got to finance and read everything i found that they were ripoffs from there i walked.

They recently called a friend of mines to come get a car of course 0 down and I told her they were ripoffs i came to find that the good salesperson i had left the company of course which didnt surprise me at all and the guy they sat her with didnt know sh__t when asked to look at cars first the salesperson became agitated then when asked for prices which they dont have on vehicle it became worse oh she walked also.

I will not waste any more of my time writing about them just feel free to stop by one of their locations and see for yourself.

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Watson Motorsport - Don't Shop for a car here!

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I have to say, Watson Motorsport has got the the WORST place to shop for a car! The sales staff is rude, pushy, and not at all knowledgeable. The "customers" that seem to just "hang around" in the so-calles showroom appear dicey at best and seem to be there only as an illusion to make the place seem busier....hmm.

I also do not believe any of the stories they tell you on the phone regarding what they can do for customers with poor or no credit.... Don't you believe it either. In my short visit to this dealership, I witnessed several upset customers who let to believe they would be financed over the phone, "guaranteed" but once they arrived, the "guarantee came with many strings and in one person's case, couldn't be financed at all after driving 60 miles after being PROMISED they could help, and PRE_APPROVED over the phone. BUYER BEWARE!


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I bought a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2007, & I'm horribly upside down in my loan.I owe $20,000 on a car worth $8,000.

I didn't realize it at the time but my APR is a whopping 20%!!! I just tried to purchase another car but I have too much negative equity in the car so I'm stuck for now with my car.

Plus, I had the car appraised & the dealership said the CarFax came back bad.:-( Don't mess with Waston Motor Sports in Harvey, IL

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